The location is a very important factor in the success of your Brazen Head franchise. Below we have provided guidelines to assist you in finding an ideal location. A traditional location should ideally fit these criteria but you are not limited only to them.

  1. Restaurant Theme – Authentic Irish Restaurant & Pub
  2. Building Site +/-350 – 450 square metres plus outside deck of 100 – 150 square metres.
  3. +/-180 – 200 square metres plus outside deck of 100 square metres (mainly end cap in shopping centers).
  4. Full Land Size (free standing) – +/- 1.3 acres.
  5. Site Criteria High visibility on a main road.
  6. Ground floor only – not 1st floor sites.
  7. Close proximity to business and residential, to ensure a good balance between daytime and evening trade.
  8. Adequate parking.
  9. Accessibility.
  10. Vacant premises, land (with correct zoning) where landlords or developers will assist with base rentals.
  11. Existing restaurant to refurbish – conversions.
  12. Major new developments will be considered.
  13. Suitable neighbours.
  14. Free standing or end cap, but not in-line
  15. Food and Beverage – Food 60% and liquor 40%
  16. Estimated cost of furniture, fittings, equipment and working capital
  17. 350 – 450 square metres – R1,792,000. This does not include leasable items, refer to set-up costs.
  18. Gross Sales – Estimated nett sales R450,000 per month or R5,400,000 per annum.
  19. Parking Spaces – As many as possible, with a minimum of 60 bays.
  20. Support – Full operational, marketing, design, shop fitting, carpentry specifications and artifact packages are in place.
  21. Use – Food and beverage preparation and service. Ideally the site will have 75% of the space allocated for front of the house and 25% for back of the house.
  22. Terms of Lease – Typically five year lease with two five year options.
  23. Lessee – Leases will be taken by the franchisee. Neither Brazen Head Franchising nor any of its affiliates will be the guarantor of any lease.